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Present Arms!

Welcome to SOUTHERN UTAH VET’S AID, a program designed by veterans to serve veterans living not only in Southern Utah but elsewhere around the globe. My name is Pat Lisi and I live in St. George. We moved here in 2006 and love Southern Utah. I’m a former United States Marine and a combat veteran of the Vietnam War, wounded in action on May 15, 1969. I’ve been involved with veteran’s issues ever since leaving the Corps but especially in the last few years. There are thousands of veterans living here in Southern Utah and millions in the United States. 15% of our American military veterans are women.

My observation in the St. George area is that many veterans do not know where to turn when they have questions about the VA or about their military service with regards to their current lives now that they’re out.  A lot of veterans don’t know what their benefits are or how to apply for them.  We can help steer them in the right direction. Some are laid up in hospital beds or living out their lives in solitude at a nursing facility and could use a visitor once in awhile.  We provide that service when asked.  Other veterans may want to tell their “story” on a web site where other people, veterans and non-veterans, will read about them.  They will find the opportunity here at SUVA.  Most of us just want a little respect, honor and recognition for what we’ve done — and we certainly don’t want to be forgotten. SOUTHERN UTAH VET’S AID is here, and we want to hear from you!

“SUVA” is not funded by any source, so we do not provide financial assistance to veterans.

SOUTHERN UTAH VET’S AID is a FREE program and so is this web site. Please, give me a call @ 435-215-3090 and let me hear how you are doing. Or, fill out a contact form that you will find at the bottom of every page in the Veterans Corner portion of this site, and send it to me electronically. If I cannot provide the help you need I will certainly know which direction to refer you. Thank you so much for your sacrifices in the service of your country. And, WELCOME HOME!

Pat Lisi – Ivins, Utah/ Southern Utah Vets Aid 435-215-3090.

*I cannot give legal advice, nor am I a licensed counselor of any kind. I do not represent the Veteran’s Administration.   All materials in this website, whether written, in the form of photographs, or whatever, are protected under Copyright Law by the owner of the site, Patrick J Lisi of St. George Utah.