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          VETS AID needs volunteers to help with a variety of tasks, such as visitation to veterans confined to the home, the nursing facility, or to a hospital bed. We also seek veterans who are good at filling out the initial forms it takes to get a claim started with the VA. As time passes and VETS AID continues to grow, volunteers will be needed to answer phone calls, to meet with a veteran for a specific problem, or to maybe even provide some transportation for a doctor’s appointment.
          Let’s back up here for a moment and talk about the idea of volunteering. What is a volunteer, and why is it important for you to consider volunteering your time and resources?
          Volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and from a huge variety of our culture. Once in a while you read or see a story about a very young boy or girl who goes out and raises funds for a local disaster or for a fellow classmate who needs a hard surgery. If you are a member of a church or a service organization, then you know what a volunteer does. You also know how you get paid (back) as a volunteer – by feeling good about your service to another human being! You don’t ‘give until it hurts’, you ‘give until it feels good’.
          Volunteering is easy and it will take very little of your time if you come aboard at VETS AID. It is extremely important that we never forget the awesome and inspiring service that our military veterans put forth to help the rest of us remain a free society. Look around the globe. Not many truly FREE people left on Planet Earth, at least not like us. Throughout history, millions of veterans have given the ultimate sacrifice, their lives, to keeping us free. Your volunteer service is your way of saying ‘thanks’ to these fellow Americans and your chance to show them the greatest respect and admiration imaginable.
          Please help us help them, and volunteer whatever amount of time you can to this program. You can contact Pat Lisi @ 435-215-3090 and we’ll talk about it. Thank you for your time; I look forward to your phone call.

Pat Lisi

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