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Why Professional Advocacy Is A Veteran’s Best Option

A Historical Perspective

          As early as the Revolutionary War, the U.S. government has been committed to providing pension and disability benefits to those who have served in the armed services.  The concept of a veterans’ administration, or what is now know as the Department of Veterans Affairs (the VA), did not become a reality until after World War I.  The statutory scheme created by Congress was intended to be non-adversarial, pro-claimant and veteran friendly.
Unfortunately, the adjudication of veterans’ claims for benefits has evolved into a bureaucratic abyss-like process that is inconsistent with the mandates of Congress.  Oftentimes, veterans now face an aggressive and adversarial appeals process.  As a consequence, veterans are finding it necessary to enlist veterans’ law practitioners to represent them in their appeals for VA benefits.

Delays in Issuing Decisions on Claims for VA Benefits

          As of 2007, a veteran must wait some six months before receiving a decision from a VA Regional Office (“VARO”) regarding a claim for service-connected compensation.  Then, if the veteran’s claim is denied, the appeals process at the local VARO level can take another six months to two years before it is finally forwarded to the next level of the appeals process, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals (“BVA”) in Washington, DC.  Once there, a veteran must wait approximately two years for a decision from the BVA.  Similarly, the delay at the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (“CAVC” or “the Veterans Court”) on average is also two years.  All said, if his or her claim for VA benefits is denied, a veteran can spend ten years or more waiting for the VA to make the right decision. 
          Call Veteran’s Angels @ 801-290-1760 for professional service. We will fight hard for you to win your appeal. Our record is outstanding and we do not give up! Thank you.

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