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          By Pat Lisi

          When I was introduced to Veteran’s Angels LLC in April, 2010 I did not know what to expect.  Like most veterans I was hesitant to even contact Angels as I had no reason to know that the business would actually be able to help me.  After all, I had settled up with the VA and the Marine Corps way back in 1972 just after my release from the Balboa Naval Hospital in San Diego.  While in the Corps I suffered an extreme accident while on duty that left my face badly burned and scarred forever.  I had been retired from the Marines as a result of the event, and now it was over 40 years later and I was seeking an upgrade from the either the Corps or the VA.

          Jim McElfresh who owns the LLC, turned out to be a God send.  Not just because 15 months later I won my case, but also because of Jim’s heart and how hard he works to get us veterans the compensation we deserve.  It is my great fortune to have been shown the way to Veteran’s Angels, as the simple way to put is they produce results.  And, that’s what matters to veterans.  We are results-driven! 

          If you are having difficulty getting where you believe you deserve to be with the VA, call Jim at Veteran’s Angels.  His number in Parawon, Utah is 801-290-1760.  I know, that sounds like a Salt Lake City phone but it isn’t.  Parawon is located about 60 miles north of Saint George, Utah.  The Angels will work with veterans from other states as well.

          The Angels worked a miracle for me.  Give them a call.  If you are still a bit hesitant, give me a call and I’ll talk to you further about the organization.  Thank you, and have a terrific day.

          Pat Lisi/Saint George/435-215-3090




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