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By Pat Lisi

          A few years ago a retired Marine by the name of Bill Toole came up with an idea, which was to unite the various service organizations into a coalition that would work on veterans’ issues.  So, groups like the American Legion, Disabled American Veterans, Marine Corps League, Military Officers Assn. of America, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Pearl Harbor Survivors’ Assn., Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the Vietnam Vets of America would get together once a month to talk about things that will make life as a veteran easier in Washington County, Utah.

          The coalition meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month from 2 – 4 PM and is open to the public.  Topics might include the new veteran’s home in Ivins, a charity golf tournament, a unified parade, a new vets’ center for Saint George, or any number of important topics all having to do with Southern Utah veterans and how to provide aid for them.   The coalition meetings are run with efficiency and under strict guidelines that provide fair time to hear about problems and solutions from all in attendance.

          If you would like more information about the Veterans Coalition of Southern Utah give me a call, Pat Lisi, at 435-215-3090.

One Response to “Veterans Coalition of Southern Utah”

  • Stepeh Handy:

    Pat, I have been working doing odd jobs for a man named Robert Kelly a vietnam war vet NAVY, he is going through hard times and needs more help than i can give him, maybe some counciling or help from the Vets’ center councilors, something… don’t know.
    I was contacted by someone I know to go and help him after his wife moved out on him and he had some things happen in his home. I went over and got him information on a attorney for the divorce and also helped him shncge locks after his son who had been stealing from him and living in the bacement had moved out or was ivicted and arrested. He has been text mesaging me and calling me in the night, but i have had to break things off with help when he told me his girfriend that has been staying with him had pot in her bathroom bag and he found it. I told him to call the police and I could not help him. His old renter upstairs got a hold of him yeaterday becaise she know he was picking up his medications at the UPS store, of corse she is a user and has peobably gotten him drunk and taken some or all of his pain meds and disapeared. I am not sure were to send him next.
    I called your phone and left a message and i thought I would send you this email also.
    His name is Robert Kelly he lives at 1854 E 970 so st just off Foremaster dr. 435-817-2153.
    I am not sure if you can get him help from the Veterans orgianizatiosn here but I thought it’s worth A TRY.

    Thanks Steve Handy

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