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By Pat Lisi

So, if there are 7 – 8,000 military veterans living here in Southern Utah, and if 90% of all US veterans are men, then where the heck in Southern Utah are the women veterans?  If the statistics are true, there ought to be several hundred lady vets around here; yet, I only know 2 of them.

Of course, Southern Utah isn’t as populated as the northern part of our state, but still, I’m not seeing the female representation among the ranks.  I have read where women tend to not go after their military benefits like male veterans do, and that many times women leave the service and just want to get into a ‘normal’ life with a family, etc.  But, every benefit available to male veterans is out there waiting for females as well.

Aside from just that, though, I get around to the service organizations in Saint George, Utah and the women I see are in the auxiliary of the parent organization and not vets themselves.  So, I just wonder.

If you are a female veteran and reading this article and need help, or if you have a story to tell and would like to put it on this site, or if you are in need of anything, please call us at Southern Utah Vets Aid and we’ll see what we can do.  Our number in St. George, Utah is 435-215-3090.     Thank you for serving!




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