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By Pat Lisi

          One of my Nam buddies from Wisconsin and I were talking about the young men who chose Canada instead of the draft.  It was their choice to head across an international border to avoid being sent to the Army.  My friend and I recall thinking of these ‘draft dodgers’ as being sissies, pussies, cowards, malingerers, and more.  In other words, we didn’t care much for them back then.

          However, out of this same conversation we came to the conclusion that it was, indeed, their right and choice to do whatever they felt was the best thing for them.  Joining the fight like we chose to do was our right.  In fact, the ’cause’ that we went to Vietnam for and fought so vehemently for was the cause of freedom and the right to live and make choices as a free person.  In other words, among many other things we also fought for a draft dodgers’ right to dodge the draft.  And, that makes sense if you think about it.

          Besides, we figure that if someone was so against the war that they would run away to another country to avoid being drafted, they probably would not pull the trigger against the enemy in Vietnam, anyway, which would only further endanger the lives of Americans who were there doing what they thought was right.

          In the long run my buddy from Nam and I came to this conclusion: 

          The guy who ran away to Canada?  It don’t mean a thing.  Us going to Vietnam?  It don’t mean a thing.

          The end.


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