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By Billy C/Hot Springs AK

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all lived together in harmony all over the world?  Well guess what, it isn’t going to happen.  People are too different, too paranoid of each other, too right about their way of life and their religion, too quick to defend to the death, too up-tight to do the right thing, too backwards to think straight, and too unwilling to

listen to anything anyone else has to say.  Sound familiar?  Does this sound radical or does it not make sense?  Well, I think it’s true.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be at war with each other all the time.

The history of the world reveals war.  Lots and lots of it.  We can’t seem to escape the fact that it’s going to happen sometime, somewhere.  Is this simply human nature?  What is it about human beings that makes us want to kill each other off?  Hell, wild animals don’t even have the urge to kill each other until meal time.  And, we don’t eat each other after the battle — at least not yet.  We hate one another I guess, and I don’t know why.  Am I some sort of a dreamer?  President Johnson said something like this one time:  He said that war is so insane that we go to places to kill people that we haven’t had time to hate, yet.

But, I know that the faces of the men and women at war hasn’t changed much over the generations.  You will always see the pain, the madness, the long stares from sunken eyes, the grief and the shame.  The faces don’t change over the generations.  There will always be hatred and fear and anxiety in the faces of the soldiers who were sent out to kill each other, to kill people that they know nothing about and have little reason to hate.  It’s pathetic is what it is, and I wish it would end.  What will it take for the insanity to end?


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