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By Pat Lisi

            The photograph here shows a modern-day Marine embracing a veteran of Pearl Harbor.  It is a poster used by the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization which is set up to provide services and, if need be, certain funding, for veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars who come back home with major disabilities.

          The point is well made in the photo.  It doesn’t matter what war you fought in or how far apart one veteran is from another in the generation gap; war is war and there are going to be casualties along with valor.  This is how it is, and this is how it is always going to be.

          Another significant point to the poster is the mutual respect by both parties; the veteran of Pearl Harbor doesn’t assume that his war was any tougher than that of the Iraq/Afghanistan Staff Sergeant.  What matters is that they both have a really good idea of what the other went through, and they respect each other for their service to the United States.

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