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 By Pat Lisi

          There is an organization in this country known as the Wounded Warriors Project.  They are based out of Jacksonville FL but have some small offices around the country to take up the slack.  There is a great website for WWP that you can access right from this site’s Home Page.  When you’re done reading this, and if you want to learn a lot more about the WWP, simply head to my Home Page and look to the middle of the left side column.  This is a ‘scrolling’ space, meaning you might have to wait a few seconds for WWP to become visible, so just have a little patience and when you see WWP click on it.

I am getting more involved with WWP as time goes by.  I’ve studied their intentions and their works, and I believe in what they do for wounded veterans, mostly coming out of Afghanistan and Iraq.  I also checked with the Attorney General down in Florida to see what WWP does with the donations and I was pleasantly surprised.  They sent me to a site where I can view their ‘financials’ (you can actually see the numbers right in the WWP website), but I wanted an outside source for my investigation.  The AG’s office reported to me that no one associated with WWP as an administrator or manager is taking any pay; in essence, there are no expenses to payroll anywhere in the outfit.  About 62% (2011) goes to the veterans in the form of services, the other 40% of the budget is for the program expenses which I think are all legitimate.

The main point of WWP is to empower wounded veterans.  There a ton of our brothers and sisters who are returning or have returned from war with terrible disabilities and problems.  I wish they had had a group like WWP to help out back during the Vietnam War when I returned!  But, that was then and this is now.  All WWP needs to learn in order to help a veteran is who they are and where they are located.  What we need to do is make sure that no wounded warrior feels forgotten about.  That, according to the Wounded Warriors Project is the worst casualty of war — forgetting.  Nam vets know what that feels like as to Korean veterans, especially.  We (WWP) want to avoid this at all cost.

Please go into the WWP site and read all about them.  They’ve been around for a few years and the program is, unfortunately, growing by leaps and bounds.  There are so many fund raising events going on around the country for WWP that it’s hard to even register an even right now which is something I’m trying to do.  My event will more than likely be this coming spring, and what I plan to do is set up an obstacle course competition in one of our local parks here in Southern Utah.  There are lots of ideas on the WWP web site if you think you’d like to try setting up an event.

If you simply want to donate to WWP you can do it directly on their site, or you can go through this one the same way I described earlier.  Be generous with your giving and know that your donation is going to a fantastic cause.  And, it is tax deductible.  Thank you, and if you have any comments about WWP that you think will be helpful please put your thoughts down at the bottom of this article.  Have a great day!


2 Responses to “Wounded Warriors Project – A Worthy Cause”

  • Jason Call:

    I was curious on how a organization would be able to donate to the utah wwp. Any info would be great. Thanks

    • If interested in donating to Southern Utah Vets Aid towards the Washington County Homeless Veterans Program, please call Pat @ 435 215-3090 for further information. Your donation is tax deductible. Thank you.

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