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By Southern Utah Vets Aid

The Veterans Administration is over-worked, there is no doubt about that.  They are under-staffed and in some cases under-educated.  If nothing else, they are under-funded.  But, there’s still no excuse for veterans having to wait months and sometimes years for a decision from the VA about a claim.

Most veterans that we come across here at Southern Utah Vets Aid in Saint George, Utah also have shown a pattern with their VA dealings.  And, that is when they get a ruling from the VA for a compensable problem or disability it is almost sure to be at 10%.  Now, there are maladies that only rate a 10% compensation package from the VA.  But, if a person is suffering at a higher rate, let’s use PTSD for example and the vet deserves a 30, 50, 70, 90, or even 100%, then that veteran needs to Appeal the VA’s 10% ruling and stay in the fight until he or she gets what they deserve.

If you know that you deserve a better rating from the VA and want to do something about it, please contact us at Southern Utah VETS Aid and let us go to bat for you.  Our number in St. George, Utah is 435-215-3090.  If you try to do this on your own, be prepared for lots of frustration and heart ache.

Another option is to call Jim McElfresh of Veterans Angels LLC in Southern Utah (Parowon) at 801-290-1760.  Jim represents veterans who have had no or little success in appealing their VA decisions.

What you do not want to do if you want to appeal is to go through the VA or any representative of the VA.  The VA will tell you that you are most certainly welcome to appeal through their channels, but here’s why you should go to an independant office like Veterans Angels.  Does it really make any sense at all to trust the intentions of an employee of the VA when the VA’s goal, seemingly, is to offer you the lowest percentage that they think you will accept?  Why would an employee of the VA go back to his or her superior and tell them that they made a mistake and that you need to get a higher compensation package?

The veterans that we know here in St. George, Utah who have gone through Veterans Angels LLC have been highly successful at winning cases they had been working on through the VA for months and years.  Call one of us so you can get the help you need before time runs out.

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