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By David Estrovitz


MIA/POW REPORT – The POW/MIA Personnel Office announced the identification of the remains of the following servicemen. From WWII, Army Air Forces 1stLt. William J, Sarsfield of Philadelphia, 2ndLt.Charles E. Trimingham of Salinas, CA, Tech.Sgt. Robert L. Christopherson of Blue Earth, Minn, Tech Sgt. Leonard A. Gionet of Shirley, Mass., and Capt. Jennings H. Mease of Greenville, S.C. From Korea, Army Cpl. Freeman Lindsey of Rockport, Ind. and Pfc. Aaron Pearce of Johnston, NC,  From Vietnam, Army Spec. 4 Marvin F. Phillips of Palmer, Tenn, Sgt. 1st Class William T. Brown of LaHabra, CA. Air Force Maj. Bruce E. Lawrence of Easston, PA.,  Maj. Edward O. Silver, Cpl. Edward M. Pedregon, of El Paso, TX Master Sgt. Charles V. Newton of Canadian,TX, SgtFirstClass Douglas E. Dahill of Lima, Ohio and SgtFirstClass Charles F. Prevedel of St. Louis, MO.

TRICARE FEE INCREASE Annual TRICARE PRIME fees for working-age military retirees increased 13% effective 8October2011 which ups the single rate from $230 to $260 and the family rate from $460 to $520. Rates had not increased since they were first created in 1994 whereas health costs have ballooned from $19 billion in n2001 to $53 billion this year.

VA PROVIDED TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI) SERVICES – The VA has launched a campaign to increase awareness about TBI and the services provide by the VA.  The effects of TBI can rang from mild to sever, lasting for a brief or prolonged period of time. Treatment is available and the VA provides specialized services to support Veterans and Service members through evaluating and diagnosing TBI related problems. More information is available at

BREAST CANCER AWARENESS – The VA is asking all female Veterans to talk to their health care providers about appropriate breast cancer screening such as regular mammograms. A regular mammogram is one of the most effective ways to early detection The VA excels at breast cancer screening, outperforming private health care systems, with 87% of eligible women receiving screening   mammograms. However, the VA is concerned that every woman get appropriate screening. The VA directory,, helps Veterans find their nearest facility.




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