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By Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid

As Told by William “Kirk” Kirkpatrick

“While I was concerned about my troops, personal grooming was not my job.  The story on this photo (and I have vivid memories of this event) goes like this:  The Battalion CO determined that the bush Marines looked pretty ragged and so he told the Company CO (Lt. Henry) that he would not tolerate his Marines looking like JS Ragman (note from SUV:  Translation – Joe Shit the Ragman).  Word came down to shave and cut the hair.

“I seem to remember that someone had a hand-held clipper that did buzz cuts pretty well.  Corporal Crowe (pictured here sitting on a water can and getting a trim) was willing to coply BUT said that those guys would clip off all his hair and he’d look like a jerk (he was certainly right).  Olson (Bruce Olson, our platoon sergeant at the time) promised that it would not happen BUT Crowe still refused as he knew as soon as he complied…bang…a buzz (instead of a nice-looking, sort of Marine Corps haircut), and he was probably right.

“So, here I was, a young platoon leader, and I had a Marine in the field refusing a legitimate order that came down from the CO — everyone else complied with the order.  Solution:  Kirk borrows scissors from a Corpsman and gives Crowe a trim.  Everyone wins as I don’t have to whack Crowe (for refusing an order) and the platoon stays intact until the next firefight.”

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