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By Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid

Do you think this veteran has been through the “ringer”?  No idea who he or she is, but the legs tell a gruesome story of a soldier with combat experience.  Whoever this is hasn’t given up, though, and for me that’s the moral of the story with the most impact.  Clearly, this vet is still proud to be an American and isn’t taking the injuries lying down.  No one wishes for something like to happen, but when it does you just have to do the best you can at accepting your fate and then trudge on.

I’m going to guess this soldier has an indomitable spirit, one that can’t be broken.  By decorating the prosthetic legs he or she shows a sense of rebellion against the odds that created the dilemma.  There’s an “in your face” kind of attitude in the photo to go along with the agony that had to be a major part of this soldier’s experience.  Either way, this is living proof that tragedy can be overcome with a greater sense of determination and cause.  Whoever you are, I hope you do well.  You are a hero.


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