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WWII, KOREA & VIETNAM  POW/MIA‘S IDENTIFIED  – From WWII: Army Air Forces 2ndLts. R.R. Bishop of Joliet, Ill, T.Digman of Pittsburgh, D.W. Hess of SouxCity, Iowa, and A.W. Luce of Fort Bragg, CA., 1stLt. S. L. Pascao of Hollywod, CA.,SSgts. J.J.Karaso of Philadelphia & R.L. McDnald of East Point, GA & Sgts. J.P. Bonnassiole of Oakland, CA, J.T. Blong of Port Washington, WI, M.A. Chiodo of Cleveland, J.J. Harringer of South Bend, Ind. & J.J. Bono of Denver, CO. From Korea:

Army Cpl. T.A. Reynolds of Syracuse, NY, Pfc, H.L Gustafson of Cook IL. & Cpl. E. M. Morelli of Santa Isabella, CA. FromVietnam: Air Force Col. G.S. Palmer, Jr. of Upper Darby, PA, Army LtCol. G. McElroy of Sidney, IL., Capt. T.E. Clark of Emporium, PA.

U.S.-NORTH KORES MIA TALKS RESUME – A U.S. Delegation met with North Korean officials in Bangkok to  discuss resuming recovery operations to find the remains of American Serviceman . Although suspended by the U.S. Government in 2005, the current talks are only about resuming recovery operations as a humanitarian matter only and does not involve any other issues. Of the about 83,000 Americans missing from all conflicts, more than 7,900 are from the Korean War with 5,500 of those believed to missing in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK).

NISEI UNITS RECEIVE CONGRESSIONAL GOLD MEDAL – Congress awarded its highest civilian honor to Japanese Americans who served in WWII as members of the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service. The Nisei, who are American-born to Japanese Immigrants, where known for their  “Go For Broke” warrior spirit.

OPEN BURN PIT REGISTRY ACT OF 2011 INTRODUCED – The Bill would require the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to establish and Maintain a registry for those who may have been near or exposed to a burn pit in Iraq or Afghanistan. The Registry will help those who may be entitled to healthcare because of toxic exposure.

VET CENTER UPDATE – Because of delays in shipment of equipment, the Center’s Opening has been delayed until after the 1st of the year.  

David Estrovitz/Veteran US Marine Corps, Retired



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