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By Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid

Recently, the History Channel ran a 6-part, 12-hour series about the War in Vietnam.  It was unlike any other documentary to date in that almost all the footage was collected from the cameras of veterans who were actually stationed in-country.   Some of the scenes were remarkable and they brought back good and bad memories of what happened there four decades ago.  Interwoven into the photos and live action were several individual stories of veterans and their families who lived through the experience and were profoundly affected by that terrible “conflict.”

I especially watched for scenes or story lines that involved my outfit which was the second battalion of the 5th Marine regiment.  Specific reference with film footage to the 5th was the battle for Hue City following Tet, 1968; however, I joined the regiment in July and so I missed that action (not that I’m sorry, by the way).  The series did include interviews with Karl Marlantes, a Marine lieutenant who wrote the book, “Matterhorn,” which I have read and would highly recommend.  The series also highlighted the 101st Airborne Division and several of their fire and combat bases, which I was delighted to learn more about as several of my friends had served with the Screaming Eagles and it gave me a new perspective  as to what their lives were like in Vietnam.

If you missed this series, it may be back for another run.  I do know you can go on line and order all 12 hours in a CD.  Be prepared for some pretty raw images of death and destruction, but also know that these scenes depict the truth about what we saw and what we did in Nam.  The series took no particular political swing and there was no holding back what the American public thought of the war and how their minds changed over the eight years we spent in South Viet Nam.  Take a look at this series, and then let me know here at Southern Utah Vets Aid what you think.

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  • Andrew Wilson:

    Pat, fyi

    That series will repeat beginning Dec 29
    The Beginning (1964-1965)/Search & Destroy (1966-1967):
    Thursday, Dec 29, 8/7c
    The Tet Offensive (1968)/An Endless War (1968-1969):
    Thursday, Dec 29, 10/9c


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