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By Dave Estrovitz


Veterans Affairs

VA Care Giver Support Program: The Department of Veterans Affairs is implementing a telephone support program to help the spouses of returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans after a pilot program was successful. The spouse telephone support program is part of VA’s Caregiver Support Program. Spouses participate in 12 telephone support groups over six months. Caregivers should contact their nearest VA Medical Center to learn about this and other family caregiver resources in the local area. For more information, visit the VA Caregiver Support webpage.

State Veteran’s Benefits Directory:  Each state manages its own benefit programs. The following is a list of links to the websites for each of the individual states that offer veterans benefits. Be sure to take advantage of the benefits you have earned.  Go to and search for veterans benefits.

Veterans Who Can Help Your Job Search:  Meeting the right people can make the difference in your next job search. The Veteran Career Network can connect you to over 1 million veterans working in companies, government agencies, career fields, industries or locations that interest you.  Go to and click on Community from the menu at the top of the page..

New Online Tools for Job Seekers:  Veterans now have on-demand access and can download official data about their military training and experience, which can be used to help them find jobs and continue their careers. Veterans can use the VA’s online My HealtheVet portal ( to see official information about their military service, including deployment data, in-uniform experience, and Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) codes. Their service data can then be uploaded to job search and networking sites to help identify employment opportunities. 

Korean War MIAs Identified:  Army Cpl Agustin Alvarez, 22, of Los Angeles.  Alvarez was captured but would die from his wounds and lack of medical care in December 1950.  Army Pfc Maximo A. Troche 24, of New York.  After a battle he was listed as missing in action.  It was later learned that he was captured but died from dysentery in April 1951

One Response to “Veterans Affairs/Saint George Utah”

  • MAJ Robert M. Park:

    Dave Estrovitz
    Good Morning, Sir.

    My name is MAJ Robert M. Park. I currently serve in the Army on Active Duty. My military career spans over 18 years and I will be eligible for a 20 year retirement in April 2014. I am planning to transition to civilian-life in the St. George area after I retire in 2 years.

    I am interested in employers in St. George that have veteran’s preference or value veteran’s in their organizations. I am a Transportation/Logistics Officer with an MBA and my spouse is a Librarian with a MLS. We both are looking forward to making the St. George area home.

    I look forward to hearing from you and receiving your thoughts on employment opportunities.

    -Rob Park

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