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By Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid

One of the problems with war is the heartache it produces.  ‘War is hell’ to use an old cliche’.  But, it really is, and not just to the soldiers who go off and fight for us all.  There is ‘collateral’ damage in the lands where the fighting takes place, and there is plenty of damage to go around right back here where the soldiers were sent from.  Sometimes, the warrior comes home alive and sometimes dead.  But, he or she always comes home.  Once home, they, we, everyone needs to deal with that individual soldier and all those who are in their world.  Hopefully, it is a happy reunion but often time it is not.

It is heartbreaking to see the wife or husband of a fallen soldier.  But it is quite another to see the grief on a child’s face when they understand that their parent/soldier was killed.  They will never see that parent alive again for the rest of their lives.  They will grow up not knowing much about that parent.  Certainly the deceased soldier/parent will never get to see their child grow up and have a family and a career.  They will never get to meet who would have been their grand children.

It must be hell to have to tell your little boy or girl that dad or mom was killed in the war.  I can’t even imagine it.

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