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Posted by Southern Utah Vets Aid/Saint George Utah

The Associated Press
Posted : Tuesday Mar 6, 2012 16:05:50 EST
 JUNEAU, Alaska — The Alaska House has unanimously passed legislation that would criminalize picketing at funerals.

HB234 would consider disorderly conduct picketing “with reckless disregard” within 150 feet of a cemetery, church or other facility during a funeral or within 60 minutes before or after a funeral.

The bill is a response to the actions of the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church, which frequently pickets funerals of military members in the Lower 48.

The bill, a priority of the Joint Veterans Caucus, passed 31-0 Tuesday. It now goes to the Senate.

The folks here at Southern Utah Vets Aid think that a person or group of persons have to be pathetically sick as to go to the funeral of a fallen hero as a picketer.  Scenes of this terrible behavior show up on the nightly news and the papers now and again.  These are obviously bored individuals whose hearts are black and minds that hate.  This issue has little to do with freedom of speech — this is about freedom to be an asshole.  Groups like The Patriot Riders, and others, make an effort to get to these funerals to block out the haters and the idiots from view of the families.  These outfits have our full support.

What’s going on up in Alaska is wonderful and we hope they succeed in passing this crucial legislation.  Then, of course, we want to see it enforced, fully.


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