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By Dave Estrovitz  

Forensic Evaluations During Medical Evaluation Boards (MEB) Suspended – The suspension was recommended by the Surgeon General because of the question about whether or not Forensic Evaluations introduce variance to the MEB process. All service members who received a Behavioral Health Evaluation in a Forensic Department or by a Forensic Certified Provider, specific to the MEB process between January 01, 2007 and February 12, 2012 and whose diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder was downgraded are requested to contact the Warrior and Family Hotline at 1-800-984-8523, or e-mail,WFSUPPORT@CONUS.ARMY.MIL     

MIA Report – The Defense POW/ Missing Personnel Office announced the identification of the following remains. From the Korean War, Army MSgt. Elwood Green and Sgt.1st Class Richard L. Harris. From WWII, Army Air forces 2ndLt. Charles R. Moritz. From the Iraq War, Army SSgt. Ahmed K. Altale of An Arbor, Michigan. 

VA Marriage Retreats – Research shows that 70% of our combat Veterans are experiencing marital problems and 20% of them decide to divorce even before returning from theatre. Now in addition to repairing their damaged bodies and minds the VA is attempting to go one step further and repair their crumbling marriages. Modeled after the PAIRS VA Marriage Retreats,

some 20 VA medical centers are in the beginning stages of establishing their own programs utilizing the Pairs Foundation trained Behavioral Health Professionals and Counselors to help in the caring for and healing of the Nation’s wounded Veterans.  The program is open to anyone who has worn the uniform. For information on VA’s marriage retreat program call

(706) 733-0188, extension 6118, 6114 or 6172. The retreat is FREE, so the only expense is Transportation.

MA’s Online Personal Health Record – All Veterans receiving healthcare from VA should sign up for a MyHealtheVet by going to <> and type MyHealtheVet in the search window. MyHealtheVet provides 24/7 online access to anywhere, anytime to healthcare information, resources and tools. Some of the best features are Ordering prescription refills; Communicating with your Doctor and Primary Care Team; See Lab Results; scheduled appointments going back 2 years with status of each and more.


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