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By Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid

Barely a year off the launch pad and the Southern Utah Vets Aid website is extremely strong and active.  This posting marks the 200th article.  That’s a lot of writing and posting of articles that we find in other publications that we think will be interesting to US military veterans.  And, you have responded in kind.  Over the past year we’ve received literally dozens of comments, suggestions, short articles to post up, and great feedback such as additional links, that has helped us make improvements to this site.  Please keep letting us know what’s on your mind, because the real focus and idea for this website is that it is YOURS!

In general, we believe here at SUVA that our military veterans are well-respected in the United States.  The horrible animosity that we felt back in the 60’s upon returning from Viet Nam is not present in today’s society.  And, that’s good.  You see, it doesn’t really matter what you or I think about the wars that we get involved in, as long as we don’t lose sight of the fact that our brave men and women who head out to do the fighting for us still need to be honored and respected for their sacrifice.  Going to war is what they perceive to be the right thing to do, otherwise they would not enlist to go fight.  We couldn’t say that when there was a Draft (young people reading this might not even know what that word means).

Now that there are 200 pieces to this website here is a tip on how to find a particular article that you want to re-read.  Go to the home page and look at the top of the left column.  There you will find a ‘window’.  Simply type in a word that would act as a search for the type of article you want, then click.  The site will produce all the articles in the website pertaining to your search word.  So, if you are interested in PTSD, simply put those letters in the window and click.  A bunch of article will come up for your perusal. It’s easy!

When you read an article and want to respond with a comment, hold your cursor on the title of that article and click.  This will take you to a screen that allows you to contact us at SUVA in Saint George, Utah.  We’ll get your comment by e-mail letting us know that you were on the website.  We will then ‘approve’ or ‘disapprove’ your comment.  If approved it ends up at the base of the particular article that you commented on.  We’ve only disapproved 1 out of about 65 comments this whole first year, and that was because it was heavy politics.  We avoid politics and religion like the plague here at SUVA, not because these are ‘bad’ things but because they give cause to argument, fighting, bickering, and eventually wars.

To those men and women who are in the military right now, especially those overseas, keep safe.  We support you 100%, and when you get back we hope that your transition is swift and to your liking.  We wish you only success as you serve in the military and then come back to us.  For those already out of the military, keep plugging away and go for your dreams and goals.  Things can be very tough, yes, but think back to your time in the military and use that as your guide.  Once I got home from Viet Nam the rest of my life was gravy in comparison, and I’ve had some pretty rough times since then!  If we can be of any help here at SUVA do not hesitate to contact us.

There is also a ‘contact sheet’ at the bottom of each page of the website that you can fill out and send to us.  We keep your identity to ourselves and we WILL respond to you usually within 2 days.  Over this first year we’ve probably handled 50 requests from readers like yourself.  Anything on your mind or any help you need, we do what we can.  If we don’t have the resources here at SUVA then we will get you to the right folks.  By the way, don’t let the “Southern Utah” words get in your way.  We will try to help any US veteran anywhere in the world, literally; it just so happens the people who volunteer (there are no salaries at SUVA) for us all live in Southern Utah except for our unpaid web master — he lives in Vegas and he is the BEST person we could possibly have on this task.  His name is Steve Barone and he is former Navy.

Thanks again for a year of enjoyment and letting us serve you.  We look forward to the next 12 months as we keep building this website and improving Southern Utah Vets Aid.



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