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By Pat Lisi, Southern Utah Vets Aid

There is a veteran here in Saint George, Utah who writes beautiful poetry about his experiences with over 30 years of honorable military service.  His name is Bob Prinselaar and he is now in his early 80’s.  Sharp as a tack and still pondering his dedicated service and what it all meant, Bob  has put his prose into a book entitled, “Tears of Ink.”   I have read some of Bob’s words and have listened to him recite in front of crowds and I am moved by his interpretations on a variety of subjects that most all of us vets can relate.  Tears of ink can be purchased on Amazon and locally it is found on library shelves.  Buy it or pick it up and read it even if you are not a veteran.

From time to time we are going to present Bob  Prinselaar’s poetry on the SUVA website for you to enjoy and to contemplate.   The first poem in this series is called, “Two Words” and is posted just below this:

Thank you

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