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By Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid/Saint George, Utah

So I’m at the local gym today doing my thing at one of the weight machines, and this 20-some kid comes over to me, offers a handshake my way, and says, “Did you served in the Marines?”

I was a little bit astonished that he could ascertain this about me, because he was right, and then it dawned on me that I was wearing a red baseball style cap with a yellow edge on my head that displays the Marine Corps’ famous Eagle, Globe & Anchor.

“Yes,” I said as I accepted his ‘glad to meet you’ gesture.  “But, my war was a long time ago.  We’ve had several since the mid-sixties.”

“That doesn’t matter to me,” he replied.  “I don’t care when you served, I just wanted to thank you for doing so.”

I told him it was my pleasure even though he wasn’t born, yet, and then thanked him for thinking of veterans and what we’ve done for this country.  With that, he turned and went back to his exercise station and I finished and mine and moved on.  It was very rewarding and I dare say for both of us.



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