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By Southern Utah Vets Aid
September 3, 2012
At long last, the Vet Center is up and running. The honcho is Bruce C. Solomon, MSW, a Marine combat veteran of Vietnam. Bruce is developing his staff and the procedures by which he’ll be operating. His focus is on the Vets who need their expertise. Critical to this growth is the ability to “tell his story about the Center” and spread the word about their location ( 1664 S. Dixie Drive #C102, St. George UT 84770) and their availability. That’s where we all come in.
Bruce wants the “jungle telegraph” of the coalition members to spread the word in the community far and wide that the Center is alive and on line.  To that end, I encourage each of you to call Bruce (435)673-4494 and invite him to speak at the next meeting of your organizations. Invite him to give each of you an introductory article which you can be placed in your group’s newsletter or, failing that, send out an introductory piece to your complete membership list.  In short, SPREAD THE WORD and welcome Bruce and his staff to the community. They are already here and “in battery” so let’s make the effort to tell everyone in our circle. Semper Fi.
William C Toole
Lt. Colonel
USMC Retired

One Response to “Saint George Utah Vet’s Center is Operational”

  • Colonel Toole flatters me by identifying me as being “the honcho” at the St. George Vet Center. It is true, in the tradition of the Marine Corps, that I was first boots-on-the-ground at the Vet Center but Tim Adams, LCSW, is the Team Leader. I am a combat veteran, USMC in Vietnam 1968-69, and a Readjustment Counselor at the Vet Center.

    I am awestruck by the commitment that this community has for the celebration and safety of the Veteran population, and am honored to be able to be of service in this community.

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