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 Having received authorization from our new Team Leader, Tim Adams, I am glad to be able to announce the GRAND OPENING of the St. George Vet Center on Friday, September 21, 2012.  I would like to appeal to each of you, and your organizations, to participate in this event in whatever manner you can think of to draw interest, attention, and participation in this event. 

The mission of the Vet Center is to keep President Lincoln’s promise to bring aid, comfort, and support to America’s combat veterans, their spouses, partners, children, and families through individual, marital, family, and group therapy.  The clinicians at the Vet Center are called “Readjustment Counselors” because we know that the entire familial, social, and professional environments are going to be significantly affected by PTSD, TBI’s, and other battle related injuries and disabilities and we are here to serve that need.  We are in serious need of reaching our sizeable population of combat veterans spanning from the Revolutionary War through the ongoing Global War on Terrorism. 

Please consider how and what you could do to enhance our Grand Opening and make it an event that will inform the entire area of Southern Utah as to our existence, our location, and our mission.  We will provide drinks, materials and brochures, tours of the Vet Center, and of the Mobile Vet Center.  It would be great if there were grilling, entertainment, decorations, public media promotion, and deserts donated in addition to short speeches by prominent people and organizations endorsing our efforts and endeavors. 

Please contact me if you are interested, or could be recruited to support our GRAND OPENING OF THE ST. GEORGE VET CENTER. 


Bruce Solomon

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