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Hi Pat, 

It took me awhile to find Tim’s official military photo in Mom’s things as she moved in Sept. and much is still packed away.  Turns out when she moved she had Tim’s foot locker transferred to the cottage to store it there.  I took all the contents home last week and weeded through things that could be tossed finally.  Other things I’m having put into a flag case and attached case for displaying his medals, etc., as a Christmas gift for Mom.  There’s a picture frame incorporated in the medal case so my mission was mainly to find that photo.  His widow Nancy is here for 2 weeks and we’ll be getting together with her next week for lunch.  She told me that she gave everything to Mom a few years ago except Tim’s love letters (which she still can’t give up yet–and that’s perfectly understandable–why should she?).  In the foot locker contents I brought home I found the photo!  Now I can post it onto that WI website.  The casual pic of Tim with the Vietnamese children is posted there right now.

BTW, among Tim’s effects was a letter he had written to Mary Jo while in Vietnam asking her to make her delicious choc. chip cookies for him every day when he returned home for his wedding that June.  He also asked if she was helping out with the preparations for Tom’s wedding, stating “I bet you already know the menu for the wedding dinner”.  Also, as a p.s. “Don’t give Mom and Dad any lip!”  LOL.  Another letter was type-written by your sister Barb to MJ, which is hilarious.  Barb was about 13-14 in 1968?  She was telling MJ how her hair was acting stupid for class photos, with a center part that wouldn’t go away, and that your family each got a watch for a certain graduation, a transistor radio for another milestone and then a camera for yet another.  Funny!  Yesterday was MJ’s birthday so I gave her both letters to keep.  Why she never received them years ago is beyond me.

Anyway, I delved further into the national Vietnam memorial website containing info about The Wall.  I go into that site now and then.  Hadn’t for a couple of years.  I did read a few more recent messages written about Tim there, but one really struck me.  It was written in March of this year by a 17-yr-old boy who lives in Germany (born in 1995) and was visiting D.C. then with his family.  They went to The Wall.  His message states he was shocked to see HIS name there.  The boy’s name is Tim Georg Arens.  His message then asks who Tim was, and is his family still around, etc.  His email address was included in the message.  Last week I emailed him in Germany with a 3-paragraph description of Tim and our family, inviting him to respond if he’d like to know more.  As of yet I haven’t heard back from him.  So coincidental and bizarre! 

I plan to have Tim’s photo retouched so that it looks presentable for framing.  I’ll then post it to the WI website.

Thanks for the heads up.

Take care,

Kathy (Arens Uecker) is the sister of Timothy G Arens, KIA October 1, 1968 Vietnam.  Tim and Kathy are cousins of mine.  Tim was an E-4 Corporal with the 198th Light Infantry Brigade; their location was Quang Tin Province.  Tim had been wounded in combat and was being choppered out along with several other soldiers, when their ship was shot down by enemy ground fire.  All were lost.  I reprint her letter here in Tim’s honor.

Pat Lisi/Southern Utah Vets Aid/ St. George, Utah 


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