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With a dedicated nationwide support structure and industry leading operational and administrative processes for hiring, clearances, and compliance Pinkerton Government Services, Inc (PGS) Operates in the United States, Italy, Canada, and Belgium. PGS has more than 4,000 security officers with 90% holding a government security clearance allowing us to provide thousands of quality security solutions to meet our client’s specific needs.  

Like You, We Value Safety and Security with Care. Join Us!

Your military experience deserves more – it deserves a chance continue a service to safety and security. A security career at PGS will allow you to extend skills, certifications and talent to some of the top employers in the security industry. Benefits include:

  • Develop yourself as a security specialist
  • Get training and education
  • Design your own security career plan

Veteran Success Story

Monica Beltran

Monica Beltran, Pinkerton
Government Services

Officer Monica Beltran has the distinction of being the first Virginia Guardswoman to earn a medal for valor in the state’s history, as well as being the first to receive a Purple Heart for being combat wounded. Beltran, who has worked for the Northern Virginia branch of PGS since 2010, served as a turret gunner in Iraq with the 1173rd Transportation Company. Officer Beltran is currently assigned to an international contract as an armed Security Officer.

In October 2005, while her team was escorting a civilian convoy, it came under attack and though wounded on one hand, she was able to continue firing, pinning down enemy fighters and allowing enough time for the convoy to clear and regroup. For her actions, she was awarded the Bronze Star Medal with “V” for Valor and the Purple Heart.

She remains in the Virginia Guard and now serves in the 1710th Transportation Company.

Officer Beltran stated she loves working for PGS. She indicated that her military experience has helped with respect to being an armed security officer, handling weapons and identifying potential threats and/or hazards to the client facility and its personnel. She stated the military has prepared her to act under pressure and feels it has prepared her for any potential problem in her current role.


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