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The Marine Corps is getting in touch with its softer side with the unveiling of its new mascot, Chesty. The 9-week-old aww-worthy English bulldog arrived at Marine Barracks on Valentine’s Day and takes up his official title of Pfc. Chesty XIV (replacing Sgt. Chesty XIII) on March 29, following some rigorous obedience training (read: housebreaking). Little Chesty looks more cuddly than vicious, but legend has it that the breed was adopted as the unofficial mascot thanks to its tenacious demeanor after the Germans nicknamed Marines “teufel-hunden,” or Devil-Dogs. The troops’ fierce fighting in 1918 reportedly sparked images of snarling, helmet-clad bulldogs. But for now, little Chesty’s heading for recruit training, where he’ll learn to march and look generally distinguished and adorable.
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From 2/18/13

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