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Clay Hunt on 60 Minutes
Posted by IAVA Staff on March 4

Clay served in the Marines in Afghanistan and in Iraq, where he earned a Purple Heart. When he came home, he helped start Team Rubicon and was an active member of Ride 2 Recovery – two amazing organizations. He also stormed the hill with IAVA in 2010 and was a critical part of our Ad Council Mental Health Public Service Announcement (PSA) program.

 On March 31, 2011, Clay committed suicide at his home in Houston. Losing Clay was a huge blow to vets across the country that he served with and served for.

You may not know that when Clay took his life, he was waiting for a VA disability claim to be approved so he could access care through the government system. His claim was finally approved a couple weeks after he died and mailed to his Houston apartment.

Clay wasn’t the only one waiting.

The VA’s disability claims backlog is estimated at 895,029 with 70% of vets waiting over 125 days for decisions. The effects of the backlog are impossible to quantify. Health care delays put vets and their families in vulnerable positions every day – physically, emotionally and financially – but most of America has no idea.

Claims backlog numbers are occasionally mentioned in the press, but it’s background noise to most people. At Storm the Hill 2013, we’ll be working to turn that background noise into a movement that ends the backlog.

For Clay, for every vet of every generation, IAVA is Storming the Hill to ask the country to help us draw a line in the sand. The backlog and all of its consequences must end now.

Share Clay’s story with a friend today. The bigger the storm, the bigger the impact.

If you know a veteran in need of immediate support, please have them call the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 press 1 for Veterans or text “838255” for support.

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