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 by Southern Utah Vets Aid

On Monday, September 16th at 5:00pm to 8:00pm The Veterans Coalition of Southern Utah is sponsoring an opportunity for veterans and veteran-related to meet the two Mayoral candidates and the four City Council candidates and hear their thoughts about key veteran and veteran-related issues.  The format will be to give each candidate thirty minutes to answer the five most popular questions submitted by YOU so that you can hear how they feel and their thoughts about those five topics.  VCSU requests that you only submit questions that will fall under the tactical area of responsibility (TAOR) of these candidates that are of concern to you.  It is expected, and the VCSU will make an effort, that the candidates’ responses will be clear, understandable, and forthright with a total absence of “politi-speak.” 


The event is completely non-partisan as each of the six candidates will appear individually and without the other candidates present to question, contradict, or compare their views and thoughts.  The purpose of the event is to give you, the people who elect, or allow to be elected, the representatives that make decisions about the procedures, policies, and guidelines that come into play every day in the conduct of your life.  Ideally you will send in your questions to so that the candidates can address some of your issues clearly and directly so that you can become informed and vote for the candidate that best represents YOU!  It really is important that the democratic process which so many have paid such high prices to preserve is practiced by us; who represents us are those who we elect, or allow to be elected!


The location is The St. George Vet Center

                           1664 South Dixie Drive, Suite #C-102

                           St. George, Utah 84770


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