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Trying to find a Marine buddy Ron Gregory
I’m trying to find a little friend of mine. We were both in country at the same time. Both rotated in and out around the same time. Oct -1967 to Nov 1968. Now we did get back together back in 1984. He was hitch hiking across the country.
Up date. I live in Houston Tx and Ron was from Seattle. We both were Radio Relay ops. When not out on a radio shoot he was our company barber. After his visit with me he traveled on OT San Diego to visit another buddy of ours. His name is MaClinton Jagers. The last time I spoke to him was back in 1987 he was thinking about leaving Seattle and moving down to Northern California.
He is a small guy about 140lb. Oh he is white. We were all Marines. 3rd MarDiv Headquarter Battalion in Dong Ha. Ron got out in EI Toro. I came out in Yuma 2nd LAAM.

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