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Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters

Our Bill passed the Senate today 28 to 0. A day of honor, a day of history for Vietnam Veterans and a day of many tears. I thank you – each of you from the heart – for your support and hanging in there through this process. Our very special appreciation goes to Representative Curtis Oda – a Marine, and Senator Pete Knudson who visited Vietnam a few years ago. Next on the agenda will be the Ceremony on March 29 – we have requested Governor Herbert to sign the Bill that day in ceremony at the Capitol Rotunda. Will keep everyone informed with the details as they come. I will be meeting with the Veterans Affairs Office this week to plan our event. What a day – we were brought in on the Senate Floor and honored as we stood to hear the vote. A day of many tears. I am sure there are more to come. If you know of any Vietnam Veterans, families of Vietnam Veterans, Vietnam Era Veterans and anyone who support those who fought that war please pass on the information. If you know of any families of those we lost or those still unaccounted for please let me know. We want them with us on March 29. If you have suggestions for OUR ceremony please email them to me so we can integrate them into OUR DAY. Here is a link to the Standard-Examiner on-line story pics and video. Thanks again and

Ski Ingram

Adjutant, Post 90



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