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Yo Fellow Marines,


     Just wanted to let you know, it was 45 years ago today that Tom Romaine was killed.  How weird? At times like this, it seems like yesterday.  Reality set in when I looked in the mirror this morning.  I am far from that fresh faced Marine cussing my way through Arizona Territory.

     Romaine and I went through so much shit together.  Just like we all believed that we were not going to be the one to get killed.  I really believed he was good enough, and he was also not going to get killed.  His was the factor of guys that not making mistakes,and doing your job was just not enough.  He just ran out of luck.  It could have been any of us.  I don’t know if I was the last person he spoke to or not.  I was the first to get to him once he was down.  I have always felt kinda bad.  I also took a hit off the B-40 that killed him.  For me it was just the blast concussion.  When I got to his side, my hearing was just coming back and I didn’t realize that every time I yelled at him to ask if he was hit, I couldn’t hear his answer.  He was face down and it was almost dark.  I could not see his wounds. So I kept yelling “Are you hit”?  When I finally heard him, he sounded more pissed off at me than hurt.  By then the “Doc” came running up and pulled me off of him.  Once the “Doc” was there I went back to help the other guys that were down.  We both got taken to the same hospital.  I ran into Doc Baker there ( I think it was Doc Baker) and he told me Romaine did not make it.

     I was so glad that Sgt Olsen said he visited Romaine’s family.  As tight as he and are were, I didn’t think to contact his family.

     He and I had a sort of strange friendship.  In the field, we were very good together.  I liked him a lot.  I remember our friendship being very strong when it came to the job we had to do.  But to this day, all the nights we spent in the same hole.  All the times we took care of each others back, I don’t remember talking much to him about home, family, girlfriends and that kinda of stuff.  Maybe we did, but I just remember the times we covered each others ass.

     I remember sitting cross legged in the dirt talking about home and California with you Doc.  Lisi, I remember you and I having some good “Fuck Around” laughs together.

     Anyhow, it has been 45 years and I hope that guys that are taken so fast, with so much violence, still have a chance to rest in peace.  If so, I hope he is. 


     Take Care My Brothers, Hope To See You Both Soon,


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