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Given that Brad Pitt has been cast as the Army’s Gen. Stanley McChrystal in a movie, we felt inclined to ask our readers on Facebook who could possibly play the role of Mad Dog, were he a character to be cast in a blockbuster film (certainly only a matter of time, right)?

In completely unscientific fashion, the results are in:

#1. James Mattis as … James Mattisjames-mattis

The thread was pretty clear and near unanimous: only Mattis can play Mattis. But, clearly there were other candidates who deserved the spotlight as well.

#2. Clint Eastwood

Eastwood is certainly Hollywood’s gun toting, hard a**. Who could forget Gunny Highway. Although there was at least some indication that Eastwood may not be young enough to star as Mattis in a film. In which case …

#3. R. Lee ErmeyLee_Ermey

Seems an obvious choice. Ermey is among a handful of Marines to get promoted – to Gunny of all ranks – after ending his service. He’s also played a pretty famous role as Gunny Hartman, and he’s considerably obsessed with arms and munitions of various caliber, not unlike, one would suspect, James Mattis.

Honorable Mentions:

We heard names like Liam Neeson, James Cromwell, and Jack Nicholson. Notably, Robert John Burke (famous for playing a drunken, muscle-bound priest on the show Rescue Me) has actually already played Mattis, in HBO’s “Generation Kill.”

Rounding out the bottom of the list were these guys:

Kevin Bacon got a few shout outs, as did Jim Carrey. Chuck Norris, obviously. Bruce Willis, also pretty obvious. Any mention of George Clooney immediately met with harsh comment-section rebuke. There was a Channing Tatum shout out, hilariously enough. And finally someone needs to remind the crowd that Jason Statham, though imminently awesome, is also totally British, and thus arbitrarily not a front runner.

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