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Echo company of the 2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment (1st Marine Division/Vietnam) reunite every even year.  We started this tradition back in 2004.  E 2/5 was in Vietnam for a little better than six years so a lot of Marines came and went during that time.  This year, 2016, we met in Philadelphia during “Marine Week” meaning the week of November 10th, the birthday of the Marine Corps in 1775.  25 of us showed up at the Wyndham with our wives, and two of our guys brought their daughters.  It was a memorable week for sure as there was plenty to see and do in Philly.  One of the activities was to attend a local Marine Corps Birthday Ball.  We chose the Ball that was sponsored by one of the local Marine Corps League Detachments known as the “Smedley Butler Detachment.”

On the night of the Ball we all loaded into a school bus we rented and rode out to the Paxon Hollow Country Club for a formal evening of ceremony, banquet, and dancing.  Everyone had a blast and the crowd was excited about celebrating the 241st anniversary of the marines.  The photo below show 5 of us who were all in Vietnam at the same time.  We comprised the ‘CP’ for 2nd platoon, Echo Company of course.  On the left is (Sgt.) Bruce Olson who was our platoon sergeant.  Next is Randy Baker, a Navy Corpsman who was one hell of a ‘doc’ in combat.  Then there’s me, Pat Lisi. I held every position in the platoon at one time or other except for platoon commander, but in the CP group I was the Platoon Guide.  The Marine on the right is our platoon commander, 1st Lieutenant William “Kirk” Kirkpatrick.


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